10 must-haves for Website Homepage of your Business


As a matter of fact “The first impression is the last impression”. Similar is the case in online businesses. Hope we could provide some value to you and your business. If your website homepage misses out on any of these above-mentioned features; make sure to incorporate all of them on your homepage. 

Why is Website Homepage Design crucial?

With no face to face interaction, it becomes critical to engage the client visually first. This first impression which we are talking about is the website homepage. Here comes the duty of a front end developer. Front end Developer includes all of the necessary features on the homepage of the website to encourage visitors to stay and decrease the bounce rate. 

That is to say, half of the site’s success depends on the homepage of the website. Most online websites have the final intention of converting potential visitors into customers. 

We, at Core Innovative Solutions, believe in the importance of a website homepage and, therefore, we want to share some must-have elements for your homepage.

Now, let’s discuss Homepages!

1.The Branding – Almost every brand has a logo and visual assets, specifically designed for the marketing. If you do not own a brand logo, get one for you instantly. Visitors on the website are immensely influenced by visual branding. But do ensure that the logo is placed at a prominent location.

2. Navigation Menu – Users need to explore the website to take any decision. Their decision depends on user experience and user interface. The best user experience can only be achieved with easy navigation throughout the website. A menu at the topmost position on the homepage of the website assures easy movement around the website.

3. The Slider Section – Also known as Hero Section, this is usually the large image or slideshow slider just below the navigating menu. This huge section right at the beginning of the homepage of the website grabs the attention of the visitors. It immediately gives them an idea about the complete website. Hero Section occupies quite a space on your homepage, so utilize it in a way that you provide some valuable information to the guest.

4. Colour Scheme – Colours are of much importance to a website. For instance, a website for kids clothing line should be in vibrant and playful colours. Similarly, a professional web development company website should be in formal hues. A suggestion from our team would be to not use more than 5 colours throughout your website homepage. Our front end developer is an expert at this and would certainly design a creative and engaging homepage.

5. Legible Typography – Another important aspect of a homepage is the readability of the text. If the visitor is not able to read and understand the text clearly, he will not stay on the site for long. Eventually increasing the bounce rate. Our take on choosing the fonts is to go for the classic fonts and not quirky styles unless the niche of the site demands so.

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6. Intuitive Call-to-action – This is the feature which implements the conversions of the potential visitors to matured clients. A call to action (CTA) states the action which the user takes to buy something from your website, subscribe using their email, a button click to submit their query and much more. The striking colours and the choice of words are a few things which must be taken into account while creating a CTA.

7. Lightweight Images and Videos – Visual appeal is what matters the most when a user enters your site’s homepage. Hence, attractive images and informative videos become necessary sections on the website homepage. Do not use images unnecessarily; rather use the images and videos which are related to your brand. Use galleries, sliders, carousels and image sections for displaying graphical content on your site. Additionally, make sure to optimize the images to prevent your website from being slow down.

8. Trust Factor and Partners – Your homepage is the first destination for your visitors. Include some trust elements on your homepage to strengthen the trust of the visitor on your brand. Testimonials and reviews are one form of trust elements. Other things which you may include are social media profiles, portfolio and facts and figures related to your business. Also, you must include your achievements to keep them updated. All this improves the credibility of your brand.

9. The Key Features – You must include all your product and service information on the homepage itself. The first impression has to be informative and professional looking. Whether you sell products or provide services, mention snippets of their information on the homepage of your website which when clicked may go to its dedicated page. That is to say, include the overview of the USPs of your company.

PRO TIP – Ask the visitors to subscribe to your regular updates and capture their contact as a lead.

10. Contact Details – This is the one thing which you must not forget to mention on your homepage. State a business email or contact number and even the office address. You may have a separate tab on the navigation menu bar to access the contact form and details. Or, make a separate section on the homepage. If you want you may also include a contact form for quick access.

A Web Development Company must develop a Website Design in such a way that the homepage is the most striking part of the complete website.

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