E-commerce sales management portal

E-commerce sales management portal

The E-commerce portals are precisely the online platforms where the buyer-seller trading transactions are conducted. It is the manufacturers and distributors who launch the ecommerce portals to transit their buyers to an online channel. Portals are the ones who streamline the buying process by actively facilitating the bulk-ordering and enable volume-based pricing. As per the recent researches, the 80-100% revenues of these manufacturers and distributors are generated via these portals.

Why is E-commerce sales management portal important?

The relative importance of the e-commerce portals like the Amazon services, Flipkart services can be emphasized by looking at the following points.

Personalised Online Experience

This experience ensures that less in-person involvement of the sales team is demanded.

Reduction in the manual data management

The e-commerce sales management portal works on reducing the manual data management within the supply chain for better results.


The subsequent access of multiple users within one of the corporate account while accounting for the data confidentiality under the corporate rules and permissions is also assured.

What is the need for E Commerce Sales Management?

We at Core Innovative Solutions as a Digital Marketing Service provider in Amritsar suggest for the E-commerce sales management portal’s ROI which comes from the tangible financial outcomes. Here we reason out some pounters which emphasize on its need.

1 Increase in the sales

Due to the growing customer base deals are considered with businesses setup online rather than offline. Customers thereby have a chance of buying 24/7 on the perpetual website and are not dependent on the sale’s team for the working schedule.AI powered product recommendations help in increasing the conversions from the upsells.

2 Reduction in Operational costs

The automated order processing reduces the risk of any type of inconsistencies and missed orders entailing on the reimbursement issues. So it clearly rationalizes the effort of the sales team from manual work to strategic evolution making the sales cycle waver into reduction by giving buyers the self-service tools and aiding in mapping their journey very efficiently from the discovery of product to its actual buying.

How we do?

In the B2B e-commerce, the portal functions generally centre on the effective management and personalisation of the buying experience.

The Pricing and Catalog Personalisation

We proficiently offer the automated pricing rules, quotes with negotiated pricing along with customer catalog with the pricings available only from specific corporate accounts.

The Corporate Account Management

Self-administering along with the corporate account hierarchy, user roles and permissions, listing the per-user requisition and multiple listing for the quick orders and shipment along with multiple locations.

Facilitated Ordering process

Providing the professional help regarding the bulk ordering, volume based pricing and even the order export before the submission along with the multiple requisition lists per customer account is what we work towards.

Flexibility over Payment

Payment on the account, credit card payment and checking or money ordering is initiated as well.

Mobile Experience

Aiming towards providing responsive user interface and instant purchase due to saved payment credentials along with the faceted search and barcode scanner.


Reports for the negotiated quotes, sales team performance and balance credit limits per buyer along with the sales report per various criteria be it timeline, buyer or catalog.

Why choose us?

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