Banner Designing

Banner Designing

Banners are one of the most effective and popular modes of advertising. Banners are required for both online and offline promotion. In the online promotion, it helps to drive traffic to the website and creates brand awareness. It is also called display advertising. Banner designing is the base of the whole marketing strategy. Impressive and interactive banners have hidden powers of reaching and convincing the target audience.

Banner Designing in Amritsar

Core Innovative Solutions works on below 5Cs while designing the banners

  • Creative– Creativity is the key element in the good banner. Regular designing cannot create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the target audience.
  • Compelling- Banner designing should be compelling enough to fetch the attention of customers.
  • Concise- Information to be displayed on the banner should be intelligently chosen to make it concise and short.
  • Clear- Purpose of the banner should be clear and designing should be done accordingly
  • Complete- Benefit of display advertising also depends on the clear and completeness of the information.

What does a good banner need?

Your banner should be compelling enough to stand you ahead in the competition. Always keep in mind that banners will interact first of all and will create a path for your product and services.

Attractive and Meaningful Images

Try to choose attractive and meaningful images related to your business and message in a banner.


Must include some interactive elements to establish a connection with the needs of customers.

Space Utilization

Best banners are neither overloaded with texts and images nor give the impression of emptiness.

Creative Tag line

Think out of the box tag line that can grab the instant attention of your audience and compel them to consider your product.

Call to action. (CTA)

Call Now, Click Here, Buy Now etc. are the kind of call to action features of banners which makes the audience to grab information instantly.

Powerful messages

Banners have limited space for texts and images, so designing of the banner should be done intelligently to pass on complete and correct information.

Surprise Element

It is really difficult to grab the attention of a customer, surprise element on the banner can help you to get attention and leave a lasting impact.

Landing page

A landing page should also be one of the goals of every banner A good banner should redirect the user to a landing page to optimize the website