How does a graphic designer help any business to grow?

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In this modern era, where communication is built on depictions through visualization and creatives, the graphic design industry has drastically evolved. Locally, the need of graphic designer in Amritsar have increased in the previous months.

Graphic designs not only include creatives pleasing to the eyes but also the designs specific to the growth of the businesses. By this we mean there are multiple aspects of graphic designing. These different specializations of graphic design often require a distinct set of abilities and design techniques. To mention some –

  • Logo Design
  • Business card design
  • Brochure design
  • Leaflet/Pamphlet design
  • Exhibition/Rollup Standee
  • Banner design
  • Social Media Sharing design
  • Stationery design (Letterhead, Cover page, etc)
  • Advertisement design

In simple words, you can define graphic design as a visual aid to communicate the ideas through different colours, images, typography etc.

What graphic design is all about?

Before getting into the details of this in-demand field, let us first explore what is the fuss all about.

Designs and themes make a brand stand out in the swarm of their competitors. In other words, graphic designs set up the corporate identity of a business. 

Having said this, there are different types of graphic designs you need to know to understand the need of graphics for your business, either small scale or large.

  • Corporate Identity – By Corporate Identity, we mean the personalization of the image of the brand. A brand must possess its distinct personality to communicate the nature, sentiments and expertise to the public. The assets of the company like logo, images, theme, colours, fonts, everything is included in graphic designing to build the brand’s personality.
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  • Marketing and Advertisement – Usually, the first thing which comes to a layman’s mind when thinking about graphic design is creatives for marketing and advertisement. Graphic designs are an effective tool to compel people to engage with the brand. Some examples of such graphics are flyers, posters, brochures, banners, billboards, social media ads, featured images for websites and blogs. These creatives might be in digital format or printed.
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  • UX/UI – First, it stands for User Experience and User Interface. It is basically how a user interacts with the application through a device. The main aim of the UI graphic designer would be to create a user-friendly experience for the user in both visual and functional aspects. The work of a UI designer can broadly be summed up as designers of the mobile, web or desktop apps. The functionality of these apps is thought of by the UX designers and UI developers code then code the functionality to make everything work. 
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  • Publications – Often considered into the category of print media, publication graphics include books, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and more. But, with the digitization of like everything, the publication graphics are no wonder also transforming to fit into the world of digital media. Graphic Designers specializing in publication designs are experts at designing layouts with other elements of graphic designing. 
  • Packaging Designs – Package design is an important part of a product to be sold. Most of the products are wrapped or stored in some container stamped with the package design. The concept of the design conveys about the product stored inside. These labels are the real identity of any product and hence, an important feature of the product as a whole.
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  • Motion Graphics – With videos being in trend and one of the most popular tools to engage the people, motion graphics has been the talk of the graphic design industry for the past few years. Motion graphics are the graphics actually in motion. A few of the examples of motion graphics can be GIFs, intro and credits video, animated logos, promotional videos and more.

What tools to use for graphic designing? 

Graphic Designers need specialized tools for implementing their skills. The most common softwares used for creating graphic designs are Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw and InDesign. Aso, for motion designing, After Effects and Adobe Premier are best to be used. 

Besides, for best motion designing experience, the laptop which you can use is Mac Cylinder. Otherwise, the minimum requirement for flawless designing process is i7 processor, 2GB Graphic Card and at least 8GB RAM.

Additionally, to be mentioned, Graphic Designing is not just about understanding how to use the tools. It is all about the creativity you use to empower any business through graphics or creatives.

How is the graphic design industry evolving?

Although a graphic designer can have many specializations, most of the designers specialize in an individual aspect of the vast field of graphic designing. 

The graphic design industry is evolving and growing consistently. Hence, due to this constantly changing scenario, designers must be flexible and consistent learners so that they can adjust their specializations throughout their careers as per the demand.

Core Innovative Solutions is a digital marketing company in Amritsar constantly adapting to the current trends in the field of graphic designing. Nowadays, clients are well informed about the strategies and popular trends in fashion. We make it a point to deliver the creatives as per the client’s requirement. 

A pro-tip: Minimalistic and theme-based designs are in vogue these days.

What is the future scope of graphic design?

With the digitization of everything, the job opportunities of the digital graphic designers are increasing with time. Graphic Designing is pretty large and dynamic field and requires individuality and creativity. The constant need to upgrade the styles according to the societal updates makes it a hard nut to crack. 

In future times, the digitization is not going to back out. It is said the graphic design jobs are going to expand by 13% because of the high demand for design in businesses, advertising companies, and design firms.

Graphic Designs and the designers are here to stay for the long run. They have a wide scope in almost all sectors from education to business. Needless to say, Graphic Designing is an ever-evolving and challenging field to pursue.

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