Learn Full Stack Web Designing in Amritsar

We see many technology graduates and post-graduates that are still looking for jobs. The reason is not their academic record, but the lack of required skill-set. And the few with basic knowledge of computing are being exploited by the MNCs as they have to leave their city and work at low salaries.

What if we tell you that Amritsar’s youngsters can now stay in the city and get industry-specific training in Web Designing and Development following the agile methodology.

As a web development company in Amritsar, we realised that a lot of talent is being drained out. We were not able to find quality Web Developers and Web Designers for our own Company. Consequently, we discussed this serious issue with the industry and concluded that everyone is facing the same issue.

The founder of our company, Mr Ripun Gupta, believes that Amritsar has the potential to become the IT hub of Punjab. Keeping this in mind, he came up with the idea of establishing an Academy which will completely be based on industry-oriented training of the students. The main aim is to upskill the students and bridge the skill gap. The team agrees with his idea of an Academy where the focus would not be on monetary gains but giving quality training to all the students. Given our current academic syllabus, this type of academy is the need of the hour.

Unlike other academies, we aim to groom you in both hard and soft skills. We follow the ‘Agile Methodology’ to train students for developing dynamic websites and web apps. Utilizing the 14+ years of development experience, we have carefully designed the curriculum and are ready to provide you with the simulated environment where you will get industry-level training on live projects. Not only that, we might offer you a job if you outshine other candidates. That is to say, we will give such quality training which, as an employer, we ourself find-in an employee.

Besides applying your skills on projects and building ‘Work Portfolio’, you will get a chance to attend the ‘Tech Talk’ sessions for better insight into the industry.

Features of <WEBCOOKS/> Academy –
– The Agile Methodology
– Small Batch Brewing
– Mock Interviews
– Work in Teams
– Live Projects
– Tech-Talks

Initially, we are starting with the BRIDGECAMP 1.0 from September itself. The detailed syllabus and curriculum will be discussed with you once you contact us. Once again, we declare that providing INDUSTRY-ORIENTED TRAINING and to retain talent in the city, is our main motive behind webcooks.

So, we would highly recommend the students, drop-outs, keen learners and unemployed techies to *ENROLL for this course and brighten their future with deep insight into the industry.

– There would be Only 10 students per batch to ensure quality training.
– A test would be conducted before the final enrollment of the individual.
– Based on the performance of the individuals in the test, we will grant fee concession to the best performers.
– We can also consider the students for placement in our Web Development Company in Amritsar