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What is a logo?

The logo is our identity symbol made of images and texts. A logo is an active marketer which creates awareness in the public for your business, ideology and vision and its products or services. The basic responsibility of every logo is to give a unique identification to the business so that you could differentiate yourself from others.

What does a logo do?

  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Marketing of Business
  • Establishes Identity of Business
  • Competitive Edge
  • Exhibits Professional Approach

Questionair for Logo – Wonderful 7Ws

  • What is the Vision of the Company?
  • What is Nature of Business?
  • What is the Scale of Services and Products?
  • Who is your Target Audience?
  • What is the Level of Competition in the market?
  • What are the preferred Colours?
  • Which kind of appearance and expression is required?

How to Create Great Logo

A logo is much more than a drawing and graphic design. A logo is a  great asset of every business, hence needs great work to get it finalized.Expression and impression of the logo depend upon the image, text, colour and vision of logo.

  • Out of box thinking
  • Be Original in designing
  • Stylish but not Complicated
  • Simple yet Impressive
  • Limited use of colors
  • Clever Colors scheme
  • Suitability to Business

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