Most Common Website Designing Errors

Website – Online Introduction to the Whole World

The website is our online presence and makes your information travel to the corners that you are not able to travel. It is the expression of your idea and thoughts of your business. The website works all day and night to reach your concerned traffic. A good web designer suggests that good website is that which reflects the whole world the exact that you want to convey about your business. A good website is that which is relevant, interactive, user-friendly and appealing the user. Level of technological advancement has increased each of the users to the internet and electronics. The website developer has the responsibility to make the website interactive, relevant and should be able to give quality performance. Also the SEO Expert optimises the content, meta tags, etc to make your website rank in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The Most Common Website Designing Errors

The listing below some website designing errors that may help you all to deliver the best.

  • Do not forget responsiveness of the website

Mobile phones and tablets have undergone the revolutionary advancement which results in increasing interest searches on smart phones and tabs. If your website will not responsive then a person search for information on your website will feel it painstaking while searching the required information. So responsiveness of website is really important for the business since Google is penalizing the websites which are not responsive to all devices like mobile and tab.

  • The absence of Search Button and Direct Links

A good website is never without a search button. Irrespective of the motive of website and business, the search button is always required to find the required information at one click. Search button makes information readily available to the user without any efforts of searching on different pages of a website. A home page of a good website should have direct links to the important pages like FAQs, Return and Refund policies, enquire and contact.

  • Lack of Readability and Visibility

Your website may contain the most relevant information, but if the style and size of the font are not easy to read, all will be in vain. The appearance of website mattes but the readability criterion of the website is most important. The color of font and background are also equally important for the readability factor. Designing does not only mean the appearance, but it considers the comfort of the user also.

  • Un-managed Content

Content on the website matters a lot; it is content which attracts the traffic to the website. Structuring of the content through Heading, sub headings, blocks, points, keywords, and paragraphs makes it presentable to the reader. Nobody reads out the whole while searching the required information, mere glance on the highlighted content in the form of title and keywords gives the idea of its relevance. A good web designer knows that there should be enough spacing and content highlights to make it easily recognizable.

  • Lack of Consistency of Appearance

Different colors and different designing on different pages of a single website will make it worse. Same feel and consistency should flow on the whole website. Each and every page, which user opens should be in sync with the home page of the website. Do not treat each page differently.

  • Lack of Smooth Navigation

Navigation should be simple yet effective as said by core’s web designer. There are no set standards for navigation; the only thing is that Users on the website should not face the difficulty in moving between menu and submenu. The description text used under navigation should also be relevant and precise. 

  • The Absence of Proper Balancing

Proper use of Headers, Footers and Sidebars is important to maintain the balancing of the website. Sometimes headers, footers, and sidebars are full of ads rather than required information which these are meant to display. Designing and balancing should also need to consider before displaying an ad on the website.

  • Lengthy and Complex Forms

Forms are meant to collect the required information from the user. Do not make lengthy and complex, since the user will never take the pain of filling the form. Failing to complete a form will result in frustration among the user and discourage them for the further tries.

  • The problem of Broken Links

Broken links are not at all sign of a good professional. It impacts on the reputation of a website very badly. A website will fail to generate conversions if the user will be facing the issues like page not found and improperly display of the page.

  • Lack of Testing and Updating

A good professional never miss the testing of the website before making it live. The website should be tested in all the browsers and devices. Minor mistakes or miss out which are easily cured should be tracked beforehand. Similarly, we should continuously keep on updating our website even after launching.

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