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Social media marketing is a great platform to market your brand, product and company. It helps you to spread awareness in public about a specific thing. The customer base for social media has rapidly increased in past few years and now it is increasing at much faster pace. Social media has made this world a global village. More people from around the world are becoming the part of social media platforms. More than 85% of the world population in now on some kind of social media. With the increase in use of faster internet, smarter mobile phones and intelligent computers, people are becoming more aware of social media these days.

Some of the world’s largest Social Media Platforms are :

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • You-tube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • And several others.

Social media marketing is a tool that helps a company to use these various big and awesome social media platforms to help growing up your business.


Types of campaigns

Social media marketing has 2 kinds of campaigns, that are:

Free campaigns

Free campaigns are usually for a limited circle and reach. It doesn’t require money to be spend on. You can post photos, wishes, quotes, offers for free on these platforms but it will just reach to your friends and followers. And also there are no featured tools such as reaching out to more customers, selecting area and timing to post ads, boosting up your post, get more engagements, etc. Also there is no option of showing the post to a person more than ones.

Paid campaigns

While, paid campaigns helps you to enjoy benefits all the featured tools that free campaign is unable to give. Paid campaigns helps you to reach more customers and also will show up on the screen of your customers making them to click on the link and coming on your site. This helps your overall growth of goodwill, brand name and sales and business.


Social media marketing requires good knowledge of the pricing of posting ads on social media platforms and the latest trends and how these media tools work. Also a person who wants to enter this form of marketing should know about how to use, when to use, these social media marketing featured tools. If done correctly, this will help your business to boost instantly and will also help you to find more potential customer for your product and company.
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