Logo Designing In Amritsar

Logos are the must-have for your business, whether it’s online or not. A logo is the visual identity of your business which captures the attention of the public. The logo has the power to highlight and distinguish you from the swarm of competitors. 

Core Innovative Solutions as a software and business solution IT company in Amritsar has always known the importance of the logos. If you are getting your logo designed by someone or creating it yourself, you need to know certain things. 

Here, we would like to shed some light on the tips that you should focus on in a logo.

  • Know the Brand – As mentioned above, the logo is the identity of the company. In other words, it is an introduction to your brand. To design a logo for a brand, you must be very clear about what does the company do. Now, depending upon your understanding, you must know if the logo has to be quirky or formal or must evoke emotions.
  • Colour Scheme – Colours play a significant role in building a brand’s personality. The colours have the power to influence people emotionally. If you search for the different meanings stated to each colour, you will get a lot of sites listing the type of impact each colour has. Also, you may consider the colours of the brand, have a gray scale logo, mix and match different shades from the same colour or have a multi-coloured logo.
  • The X-Factor – A logo is something that distinguishes you from your competitors. Avoid the pre-designed designs which most of the online platforms provide for free. Hence, instead of following the crowd and using the cliché designs, you should look for something unique and memorable. 
  • Simplicity – Simplicity is the key. Forget about the extravagant designs and professionals if you are creating a logo by yourself. Besides, focus on owning a simple and minimalistic logo. Minimalism is the trend of the decade and is here to stay. Take the example of the most popular brand like Apple or Nike. They are too easy to forget.
  • Versatility – The logo designed for the brand must be flexible and versatile to be used on different platforms. Your logo is going to be used on a multitude of devices or even printed. So, you must design a logo 
  • Sense of activity – Consider having a sense of activeness in your logo. Simple use object or text would not result in an effective logo. That is to say, try to animate the object used. Take an example of the Twitter logo. The blue bird is the object and it is depicted as if it’s going to take a flight upwards.
  • Check out the competition – Borrow ideas from your competition. And not steal. Stalk around the numerous other businesses and study what makes them different and what can you do to stand out in such competition. If they have taken a formal and elegant approach, try to take the other path and go all fun and trendy. Modernize your logo as it is the call of the hour and attracts attention.
  • Use spaces thoughtfully – The logo needs to be compact and meaningful. So, use the empty spaces that might occur in the logo in a thoughtful manner. For example, the FedEx logo has an arrow hidden in between the letters E and x. And, the arrow signifies the forward movement which is the actual work of the FedEx company. They have very intelligently used the negative space that would otherwise have been a waste.
  • Spread the logo – Now that you have designed a logo, you need to use it anywhere and everywhere to engrave it into the mind of the masses. Use your logo on the packaging, business cards, website, etc. Make logo the face of your brand. 
  • No instant success – In this era of memes and viral news, it is not easy to maintain the popularity of a brand or company. There is quite a probability that people may forget you. So, you must not expect instant success. Even the biggest brands took time to be where they are today. The logo won’t become iconic instantly. It depends on the quality of the products and services you offer. Hence, everything goes hand in hand to establish a brand or company or even an organization.

If you want to design a logo for your startup or company yourself, then use online tools like canva and hatchful to create a logo. Also, we provide logo designing service in Amritsar. You are at the right place if you want a professional to do it for you.

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