Top 15 Web Design Trends Of 2020

Do you want to make your website creative with fresh trending designs? Each industry is linked to a specific trend.

From the beginning of the technological revolution until today, there had been a lot of changes observed in the techniques of developing websites.

Believing the fact, Innovations expand Opportunities; this is how new trends are formed.

Wondering what web design trends 2020 will be like? In this article, we throw some light on the subject.

Trends in web design always evolve with passing years. Many of the web design trends we saw in 2019 are making it over to 2020, and some are only just becoming popular.

Some of the foremost upcoming Web Design Trends for 2020 are predicted as mentioned below:

  1. Adaptive design
  2. Push notifications
  3. Video
  4. Chatbots
  5. White spacing
  6. Interactivity
  7. Minimalism
  8. A collaboration of photos and illustrations
  9. Patterns in web design
  10. Black and white evergreen web design
  11. Retro style in modern web design
  12. Line art for clean and creative websites
  13. Illustrations to combine art and design
  14. 3D elements and motion effects
  15. Innovations that will be on top of website design in 2020

Web Designers nowadays are becoming incredibly creative and so are we – managing to form pieces that absolutely stand out.

We create quite unique web pages and web designs. We ensure that the web page is readable and visually appealing on screen.

Also when it comes to the elements of a web page, we often suggest using a GIF over video.

The advantage of it is that GIFs can transfer the most complex ideas in a short span of time.

But, it is important to take into account that animations are short-lived and in such a short period it is necessary to enclose the entire message.

So if it doesn’t work with GIFs, it’s better to replace it with a video. This is a more efficient way of presenting information than the textual or pictorial.

You must be aware of the fact that:

  • 96% of users watch videos to explore the product in more detail.
  • 79% of them are convinced to buy the product;
  • 68% on average prefer to study new projects by watching videos, rather than reading texts.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind; the four major factors are to be taken care of while posting: 

  1. Duration
  2. Relevance
  3. Simplicity
  4. Minimalism

Also, do not forget to use the “white” space. It is one of the principles of logo design and an effective way to attract attention. 

If you are a striving web designer, trying out these amazing web design trends will help you get better at the craft.

We hope these web designs will inspire your web design projects now and in the future.

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