Top 9 ways to celebrate Diwali 2019

top 9 ways to celebrate diwali

Being responsible citizens of our country, the Core Team believes in spreading positivity across our social connections. This festive season we are sharing the best 9 ways to light up your Diwali and make it meaningful. 

1) Go Natural Avoid Plastics

We all know what havoc plastics are creating for our planet, from releasing toxic chemicals into the planet to making it difficult for ocean life to prosper. However, we continue to use this harmful product in our lives. 

  • Use eco-friendly cutlery
  • Use reusable bottles
  • Avoid plastic gift wraps
  • Go Natural; gift plants
  • Avoid plastic polybags; carry a jute or tote bag for shopping

This Diwali, let’s pledge to reduce the usage of plastics to the maximum and continue doing so in future. Pass on the traditions to the coming generations and NOT plastic waste.

Share this post with the people or tag them, whom you want to have a better lifestyle.

Responsibly celebrate the biggest festival of the year sans plastic!! Protect the environment.

Happy plastic-free Diwali

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

2) Buy Earthen Lamps; Light up the lives of street vendors

 This year again, let’s celebrate #DiyeWaliDiwali . The traditional practice of lighting earthen diyas is inevitably shifting to using modernized and aromatic candles and even more expensive LED lights. However, nothing can replace the divine glow of a Diya which is natural and elegant. Diyas holds special and auspicious importance in Indian culture.

As we all know these oil lamps are made by local potters; festival season is the time when local vendors and potters look forward to selling their art and boosting up their meagre earning. This is the only time when they look up to us to buy their art.

So this year, let’s not disappoint them and brighten the lives of these people. 

Pledge to buy and light Diyas in your home.

Happy Diye Wali Diwali

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

3) Shop for the poor too; Indulge in charity

 India resides a lot of poor people who equally love the festival fervour as you do. You can distribute sweets or buy some useful gifts or donate clothes to poor kids. Also, you may get in touch with any charity organisations and shelters for the underprivileged. Share gifts with your housemaids.

The more we spread happiness, the more we receive it. The actual essence of celebration is in giving and sharing. Such an act makes you feel good too along with the underprivileged that benefit. 

This festival of light, let’s spread the love and warmth into the lives of the needy.

Happy Dil Wali Diwali

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

4) Respect the Goddess within every Woman

We worship Goddess Saraswati for education and wisdom, Goddess Durga for strength and Kaali for fighting spirit. Since forever, India has believed in the power of Goddesses.

Every Diwali we clean and decorate our homes for Goddess Laxmi to visit us and bless everyone with prosperity and wealth. However, somewhere we all lack in worshipping the women in our lives; be it a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister or a friend. 

Help your daughter take the decisions of her life and not impose your choices on her. 

Let your wife do the job or business of her own. 

Lend your mother an ear. She just wants you to be present for her. 

Many girls are deprived of proper education and many others of their basic rights. Let us all make sure that the domestic goddesses get the respect they deserve on each day of the year. 

Happy Equality Wali Diwali!

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

5) Let Goddess Laxmi bring Good Luck And not Gambling

As we all know, playing cards has become a custom on Diwali. One of the popular belief is that gambling on the festival of lights ensures Goddess Laxmi’s goodwill. Giving importance to a vice like gambling on one of the most popular festival has passed on a wrong message to the public and kids. 

This Diwali, let us be sensible and spend quality time with your family and friends. Avoid any social gatherings and party promoting gambling.

Happy gambling-free Diwali

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

6) Be in high spirits And not inebriated with spirits (liquor)

One of the major reasons for road rage and fatalities during Diwali is drunk driving. According to Prince Singhal, road safety expert and founder of the NGO called ‘Community Against Drunken Driving’, every year the rate of fatal road accidents increases by approximately 22-25 % during Diwali. 

The stats are enough to prove the rising liquor sales and the incidence of drunk driving tragedies are rising accident rates.

Beware of excess intake of alcohol which is easily possible in a celebratory mood. Say ‘No’ to alcohol and discourage your dear ones for the same. Avoid a hangover and hence, the risk of driving while inebriated.

Happy alcohol-free Diwali

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

7) Don’t just buy presents; Be present and Celebrate with Family

Family is the best gift anyone can ever have in their lifetimes. No matter what your family will always be there for you in good as well as bad times. 

So, this Diwali, let’s pledge that we would keep our phones and gadgets aside and spend quality time with them.

Gift your valuable presence to the most important people for our lives and not only gift them materialistic presents.

Happy family wali Diwali

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

8) Go traditional Encourage culture

Diwali is just around the corner and streets feel lively with a lot of activities happening. Everyone is busy meeting and greeting their friends and family. 

No wonder Diwali is the most celebrated and loved festival in India. The festival is connected to our rich history and culture. 

Let us promote our valuable traditions this Diwali. Making rangoli, wearing ethnic wear, buying colourful paper lanterns and diyas, cooking traditional sweets, decorate your homes and Diwali pooja.

Happy traditions wali Diwali!

9 ways to celebrate Diwali

9) Fill your homes with prayers and lights; Not with crackers and noise

The festival of lights is here!!

The most awaited time of the year. Each home would be lighted with diyas on each nook and corner to spread light and destroy darkness and evil. India looks most beautiful on Diwali.

Let us all light up the world with positivity and good vibes and not burst crackers. As the world is overwhelming with air pollution, we should take this tiny step to curb pollution at the individual level. 

Do not burst crackers this Diwali, for the environment, yourself and your family.

Happy crackers free Diwali!

9 ways to celebrate Diwali